Youth Flight Canada

Youth Flight Canada Education Fund is a Registered Canadian Charity 89585 1053 RR0001. For more than 20 years, YFC has focused on granting scholarships to offset the high cost of entering aviation, encouraging training for young pilots, 16 - 25 years of age and full-time students, and focused on glider training.

YFC enjoys a strategic partnership with Toronto Soaring Club, which has the airfield, the tow plane, and the instructors; TSC welcomes them into the fellowship of the aviation fraternity.

There are two sources of young pilots; the first are graduates of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet glider training program, licenced but with experience only on a primary trainer, the SGS 2-33. They are offered advanced training on a much higher performance glider, Youth Flight Canada's ASK-21, followed by additional training in Toronto Soaring Club's advanced fleet, with developing proficiency and experience leading to cross-country flying and contests.

The second group we partner with is the University Soaring Society, primarily students at Toronto Metropolitan University's aerospace engineering, with a faculty advisor. These are given hybrid primary training, utilizing a gliding simulator in the university labs and the K-21 at Toronto Soaring Club.

Youth Flight Canada also owns a single-seat glider located at SOSA, exclusively for the use of youth pilots and has funded programs at other Canadian gliding clubs.